Below is only a partial indication of the range of services I can offer. Please contact me regarding any repair, no matter how unusual. I'll also tell you straight-up if a job is out of my skillset. Estimates are free and in the rare event that a repair attempt is fruitless (and that usually only happens with electronics when the needed parts are made of unobtanium), there will be no charge.

My general shop labour rate is $50/hr but most work will be charged according to a firm, agreed-upon estimate. My customers tell me I'm very reasonable.

Acoustic and Electric Guitars plus Related Instruments

Full setups
Fret dressing or replacement
Nut and saddle adjustment or fabrication
Acoustic pickup installation
Guitar electronics repair and customization
Pickup repair, re-winding, and wax potting
String changes
Neck adjustments

Amplifiers, Effects Pedals, and Other Electronic Instruments and Equipment

Repairs to tube and solid-state equipment, specializing in old-tech
Output tube biasing
Tube testing
Overhauls and restoration
Grounded (3-prong) power cord installation, "death cap" removal or replacement with modern approved types
Circuit modifications and customizations