Musical instruments, from the most modest to the outrageously expensive, are not mere objects. They are magical, living things that bring happiness and joy into our lives. They all deserve tender loving care.

If you have a guitar, electric or acoustic, or an amplifier (yes, they are instruments in their own right), that is suffering from gradual decline or acute trauma, I will do my very best to give it the considered and careful treatment it needs.

Estimates are free and no problem is too small. Bring new life to an old friend...give me a call!


"Tested out the new guitar at the Naam on Thursday and pooped my pants with excitement, your setup was excellent, I even noticed that you tightened the strap lug. That guitar really handles a capo fonts well, stays perfectly in tune when clamped..."

Hemant Rao, regarding his early-'80s Yamaha SBG500




"Zenon, thank you for the amazing work on the Fender Twin Reverb! It sounds great now... For any musicians on my list, I'd highly recommend Zenon to setup your guitars, or have him work on any equipment issues you may encounter. You won't be disappointed."

Stuart Galloway, (via Facebook) regarding his bandmate's 135W UL Twin's full gig-ready refurb and triode/pentode switch mod